We offer that the stud welding system to the inspection machine to development, manufacture and sales by in-house consistent system.

Device / option

Handy taster

Do you still use the hammer for the strength confirmation of the CD stud arc welding?

Type ML-0425NM (Moment Type)


Torque Wrench
For Nondestructive inspection
Torque Wrench
For Destroying value measurement

Parts structure
 ITEM No. Name - format
 ① Torque Wrench Type 125
 ② Torque Wrench Type 042
 ③ Digital adapter Type 630
 ④ Ratchet handle Type 1/4
 ⑤ ML Adapter 3,4,5,6,8,10
 ⑥ ML Special case

Type PL-10KN(Pull Type)



Parts structure
 ITEM No.  Name - format
 ① PL-10KN Body
 ② Dedicated nut M3,M4,M5,M6,M8,M10
 ③ Dedicated bolt M3,M4,M5,M6
 ④ Reaction force plate 10t,5t,2t
 ⑥ PL Special case

Old products

Handy taster     NPL-6KNHandy taster     NPL-6KN
Pulling strength of the stud arc welding can be measured to 6KN(About 600kgf)by this.
Handy taster     NPL-6KN
  • Accessories(Stud M3-M8, CD stud bolt/Female stud measurements) are equipped normally.
  • A deluxe type has special hard cese, reaction force board andsupplement oil.
  • Stud welding strength is measured by the numerical value.
  • It can use When designing, and trial making to before work/while at work/At the end of work/It is possible to use before ships it, and to confirm it.
  • The operation only does the steering wheel in by hand-operated. It is possible to measure it even in lightness/all direction/nallow place.
  • It is possible to use it multipurpose by using the adaptor exclusively.

It sets it putting a special bolt and special nut/nut on CD Stud/CD Tapped Pad Stud. A positional match is done to the pull of the main body of the tester and packing, the steering wheel is displayed, and strength is displayed with a measurement and a movable needle only in the place where is done to the right. After it measures it, the load can be pulled out by full left it returning the steering wheel, and the main body can be removed.

※Please the content of the manual is understood, the instruction matter is defended, and use it correctly though the handling of this product is easy.

Handy taster     NPL-6KN
Maximum pulling strength :6KN (約600kgf)
Weight(Main body):2.7kg
Oil used :Corresponding SAE30、about 18cc

Part composition
ITEM No. Part Number Name of article and content
1 NPL-6KN Main body of tester
2-1 PLN-M3 Special Nut for M3
2-2 PLN-M4 Special Nut for M4
2-3 PLN-M5 Special Nut for M5
2-4 PLN-M6 Special Nut for M6
2-5 PLN-M8 Special Nut for M8
2-6 PLN-M10 Special Nut for M10
3-1 PLB-M3-20 Special Bolt for M3
3-2 PLB-M4-20 Special Bolt for M4
3-3 PLB-M5-20 Special Bolt for M5
3-4 PLB-M6-20 Special Bolt for M6
3-5 PLB-M8-25 Special Bolt for M8
4-1 EXT-P10t Pressure board 10mmt
4-2 EXT-P5t Pressure board 5mmt
4-3 EXT-P2t Pressure board 2mmt
5 PLC-1200 Case only for high strength
Please ask for the design production such as special parts.
※The product specification (The accessory contains it) is a previous notice and might change.


Remote Controller  CR-500
Remote Controller  CR-500
Acceptable welder:CD・600R・800R・1000R
Material:High strength case / Cable10m

Treatment device(For positioning) PT-50(Assembly product number)
Treatment device(For positioning) PT-50(Assembly product number)
Acceptable gun:A-50
The welding gun's tripod (point) is removed, it changes into PT-50-1, and the positioning board that makes the hole that outside diameter φ20 of PT-50-2 enters is used. (About 5mm in thickness. )
位置決め冶具 PT-50(アッセンブリー品番)

Corner adapter CAD-AJC

Corner adapter CAD-AJC

Suited gun
Suited collet
Suited stop bar
It becomes more possible than corners weldings from 8mm or more.

Joint shaft JS-1012

Joint shaft JS-1012

Suited welding gun
It is a shaft that connects the welding gun with the Collet holder.

Collet holder HD-AC-M10・12

Collet holder HD-AC-M10・12

Suited welding gun
It is a holder that connects the Joint shaft with the Collet AC-M10/M12.